Jesus, famous, yet unknown

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“All the centuries will proclaim that among the sons of men, none was born who was greater than Jesus” (Ernest Renan).

Who was really Jesus? A prophet among other prophets, a religious founder, a madman, a revolutionist? An ordinary man, the very Son of God…but how could God have a Son?

Millions of people throughout history affirmed they have “met” Jesus and that they have found in him not only the Savior of humanity, but also their own, personal Savior... and this encounter has transformed their lives. What about you?

Joel Chedru was born in a devout and committed Christian family. In 1970, he entered full time ministry and married the same year Dina, a young nurse. They have 2 children and 5 grand-children. Fore more than 40 years, he has ministered in his native region of Normandy but also in other parts of France, Africa, Brazil, Polynesia and Israel. His passion: Jesus-Christ and His work.

Format 15 x 21 cm
138 pages

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